Well it seems like just yesterday (well maybe a year ago) that we were talking about SQL 2016.

With Microsoft’s Azure first strategy it seems that we may be back to more frequent releases than every 2 years for on-premise as well.

While SQL 2017 may not have as many feature additions as SQL 2016 came with it does have some pretty interesting ones to take note of.

Let’s start with a SQL 2016 Refresher:

I covered some of the features in previous posts …

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…and Greg Larsen’s SQL 2016 Slideshow at Database Journal has a good breakdown of the 2016 feature additions.

Now, on to SQL 2017…


With SQL 2016 Microsoft introduced R to the SQL Server stack. Now to improve upon their analytical stack they are supporting adding support for another analyst favorite… python.

Graph Database

Great for showing hierarchies or performing investigative work where you want to drill through related data.

Adaptive Query Plans

As data changes over time now so can the query plans used for retrieving it.


Azure Managed Instances to help bridge the gap between on premise and cloud features.

SQL Database threat detection and monitoring features.

Further support for SQL on Linux and MAC OS.

Check out more about SQL 2017


How do you see any of these features impact the things we deliver?
Let us know in the comments below.